Weekly Round up 30/03/2012

News in Brief

Riot report 

The Independent Riots Communities and Victims Panel released their report this week and the press gave attention to 500,000 ‘forgotten families’. The Guardian letters page looked at the ‘riot’s deeper roots in poverty and alienation’, the Family and Parenting Institute released a very brief statement but which was made the very clear point that parenting ‘does not take place in a vacuum’ and the Centre for Social Justice released their response which suggested that:

From chaotic families, failed parenting, absent fathers and 16 year old school pupils utterly unprepared for the real world, to a revolving door prison system which does nothing to change lives. The riots were a disgraceful warning shot from a drifting generation which is cut off from the mainstream of society

The mid-week post next week will hopefully be about the apparent ‘mixing’ of the troubled families and child poverty agendas, following on from a discussion at a recent policy network meeting a couple of weeks back.

Thriving or Surviving Survey

Together with VONNE, the North East Child Poverty Commission are carrying out a survey exploring the effects of the cuts of children and young people’s charities and voluntary organisations in the North East. If you are a voluntary sector organisation in the region that delivers services to children and young people, please take 10 minutes or so to tell us about the impact on your organisation. The survey can be found here.

Regional Economy  

A blog on the New Start website looked at the ‘problem with regional pay’, a Survation poll compiled on behalf of Progressive Polling  showed little support for regional pay and The Economist looked at what an independent Scotland might mean for the North East. Meanwhile, Channel 4 reported that Britain’s working poor were ‘at tipping point’

General comment

Sir Stuart Rose (of Marks and Spencer fame) suggested that ‘we need to have an urgent debate on pay’

A very interesting post on the Arts Council website highlighted the role that libraries can play in tackling poverty

And an article from America looked at the specific issues that single mothers face in trying to escape poverty


The new national and independent Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission are now looking to appoint members

The Centre for Economic & Social Inclusion updated their Child Poverty Toolkit facility

As part of the Danish Presidency of the European Council 2012, a conference was held on the themes of children’s rights and child poverty

Graphics of the week

Public responses to the proposal to introduce regional pay, courtesy of Left Foot Forward

Best wishes,


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