I came across this blog via Twitter last night and the author, Holly Brockwell, kindly gave us permission to re-blog it here. It is a very good example of how people on people who receive benefits are ‘fair game’ and how, to use Owen Jones’s phrase, ‘ the working class are demonized’ . The blog is very measured but some of the language in the comments below it is a bit ‘industrial’ so to speak, so please be warned. Steve

Holly Brockwell

I have nothing against Iris, the ad agency that invented 2012 Olympic mascots Wenlock and Mandeville. I even know some great people working there. But I just can’t justify what I saw on Campaign magazine’s website this week.

You see, Iris have been busy re-doing their internal staff benefits booklet. This is the brochure they give to employees to let them know what they’re entitled to at Iris in terms of life insurance, maternity leave and so on. And being an ad agency, they decided they really needed a concept for this booklet.

So they went away, thought about it for – ooh, twenty seconds? – and decided that “Iris on Benefits” was the best possible title. And for the images? Well, why don’t we all dress up as stereotypical on-benefit types (apparently inspired by the fictional people on ‘Shameless’) and have a good old laugh?

Here’s the resulting…

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  • nowtnorsummat

    Poverty’s so funny when it’s dress-up isn’t it? You know, when you get to go home to your nuclear family & warm home & your future stretching out before you like a vista of endless possibilities…
    Not so amusing to LIVE every day in poverty though.

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