To help kick off Living Wage week, we’re re-blogging this recent offering from Newcastle City Council who are the first local authority in the North East to commit to paying staff a Living Wage. Many thanks to the council for allowing us to re- blog the post.

Let's talk Newcastle Blog

Our city depends on the poorly paid, the people who do the jobs that most of us wouldn’t, the people who cope with unsociable hours, who juggle two or three jobs around childcare or caring responsibilities, the people who don’t have the training or educational opportunities to start a decent career.

Without them our offices wouldn’t be cleaned, our leisure centres would struggle to stay open, it would be harder to teach our children, our care homes would go unstaffed, and our phone calls wouldn’t get answered. These people are often quiet, hard-working and too busy or powerless to complain – but they do a vital job.

Every day can be a struggle for our working poor. They find themselves vulnerable to loan sharks, or so-called legitimate lenders like pay day loan companies. They are paid little, so they put in more hours meaning they see less of those they…

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