New event: Are ‘cultures of worklessness’ passed down the generations?


Thursday 24th January 2013

10:00 – 14:00

Joachim Room, College of St. Hild & St. Bede, Durham University

Are there really families where 3 generations have never worked? This idea appeals to many, including politicians and policy-makers, as an explanation of entrenched worklessness in the UK. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation recently published a report examining the concept of ‘intergenerational cultures of worklessness. The research, carried out in Middlesbrough and Glasgow by researchers from Teesside University and Glasgow University found ‘no evidence of ‘a culture of worklessness’ – values, attitudes and behaviours discouraging employment and encouraging welfare dependency – in the families taking part in the research’

The report also suggests that, ‘policy-makers and politicians need to abandon theories – and resulting policies – that see worklessness as primarily the outcome of a culture of worklessness, held in families and passed down the generations.’

This event will be led by Professor Tracy Shildrick and Professor Robert Macdonald of Teesside University, two of the authors of the report. The event is the first time they have presented the findings of the report and it is being co-hosted by the Institute for Local Governance and the Social Futures Institute at Teesside University. We expect interest to be high for this event and places are limited. If you have any questions about the event, please contact a member of the ILG team on (0191) 334 9290 or e-mail Stephen Crossley at

If you would like to book a place at this free event, please fill in the online registration form at:


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