500 people in Durham call for an end to child poverty…..

… unfortunately for us, these people were in Durham, North Carolina.

Adrian Sinfield kindly sent me this link to a newspaper article about a day-long ‘Faith Summit on Child Poverty’. The piece is very interesting and also very powerful in parts.

The text below relates to comments from a Reverend William Barber:

“We need to open our eyes, and stop the Sunday-morning denial” that 25 percent of North Carolina children live in poverty.

“That is a moral disgrace,” he said.

“We commit ‘attention violence’ against the poor every day, because we don’t even say the word ‘poor’,” he said. “Martin Luther King said that when you ignore the poor, one day the whole system will collapse.”

Politicians seldom talk about the poor, Barber said, but say that focusing on the middle class will help everyone.

But Barber recalled the time his grandmother told him that a house should never be moved from the middle, but from the foundation.

“If you try to move a house from the middle, that does not work,” Barber said. “You will tear it apart. But if you move it from the bottom, then everybody in the house gets blessed.”

This focus on the middle resonates with current UK discussions about the ‘squeezed middle’ and ‘strivers’ and ‘hard-working families’ etc.

The article finishes with the following quote from Reverend J Herbert Neslon II:

“The question at the end of the day is: What in the world are you going to do about it?”

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