“Some ideas for reversing Britain’s gross inequality”

Adrian Sinfield posted this link to a social policy forum and suggested that it would be worth circulating wider – to prompt discussion outside of Scotland, where it was originally published.

The article, published in the Scottish Review, is by David Donnison, professor emeritus in Urban Studies at Glasgow University. He argues that we can resist the growing inequality and poverty that we see in our society today and highlights some ways that we can do this. He urges readers:

Do not believe those who tell us that current trends towards increasingly gross inequality are irresistible – a product of the global economic weather. There are other advanced economies – mostly doing better than our own – which have not gone down this road.

and also highlights that ‘More for those at the top means less for those at the bottom: it all comes out of the same kitty.’

I won’t go on because you should read it yourself – and you can do that by clicking here

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