Talking the talk……

I’ve done a guest blog for VONNE (Voluntary Organisations Network North East) on why charities really should be paying the Living Wage. The blog can be found here:

Best wishes,


One response to “Talking the talk……

  • R Winward

    Hello Stephen,

    I commented yesterday on your blog but it is still ‘awaiting moderation’ so I’ve copied it below for you –

    I so agree with you. Much of the voluntary sector has, for many years now, sold itself to the public sector ‘god’ in a desperate bid for contracts that, subtly or sometimes not so subtly, force the organisation to adopt values alien to its own. The public sector dictates, the voluntary sector wags its tail and hangs out its tongue. Now it is, unsurprisingly, hard for the voluntary to draw back from this self imposed slavery. I do hope that it will have the courage and tenacity to do so though!

    One other thing – I thought that Newcastle City Council was a Living Wage employer or at least heading in that direction.

    Thank you for raising this issue – it needs to be debated as widely as possible.


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