Between destitution and a hard place

North East Racial Equality Conference 2013

rock and hard place

‘The promotion and protection of human rights is at the heart of UK foreign policy. We are determined to pursue every opportunity to promote human rights and political and economic freedom around the world’ [Foreign Secretary William Hague, UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, 2012]

‘The UK Government treat me as not-human. They don’t give me anywhere to live, they stop support, deny access to work. Show me where is the human rights in the UK?’ [Research participant ‘Osman’, who has lived in destitution following the asylum process for over 6 years]

It is all too easy for authorities to sweep under the carpet of society those who do not fit into the bureaucratic boxes of citizenship and society: people who are displaced, people who seek sanctuary from torture and persecution, people who find themselves in a country not of their birth or culture because they paid someone to help them…

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